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Coyote Counter Collective features indie design Oakland style: a tasty range of independently made clothes, accessories, art, and on special, a made-to-order garment customization service. _______________________

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Project TransAction:

Project TransAction is an eco-conscious, artist driven independent leather and screen-printing pursuit with roots in Boston, MA and Oakland, CA. Established with a focus on sustainability and superior quality in 2006, TransAction fuses traditional leathercraft and printmaking with innovative design to meet the needs, personalities, and imaginations of the customer.  TransAction sources choice, hand selected hides and hardware from reputable - often family owned - US based companies. Shop confidently knowing that TransAction will never sacrifice quality for profit, using eco-friendly, bio-degradable inks, dyes, and cleaners as well as vegetable tanned (often reclaimed) leather for each specialty creation.  Project TransAction thrives on surpassing expectations with distinctive hand-crafted goods created to be durable; and likely to be your favorite new discovery.




Born and raised by wolves in the dripping netherworld of Cascadia, Jen Lorang merges the techniques and spirit of old craft and witchery to create modern day miscellany of enchanting and healing art creations. Her work is an attempt to connect her and her community to their primordial past, one of mutual reverence for spirit, nature, healing and beauty without appropriating cultures or turning art and sustainable living into an empty commodity.  as a queer activist, she is dedicated to making art that supports the radical undercurrent by visually weaving stories of ideas and communities hidden and oppressed in our society.

Influenced by the punk and d.i.y. ethos, Jen is a self taught illustrator and printer. she graduated from the evergreen state college with a BA in bookarts and political theory and went on to collectively run Community Print, a non-profit letterpress and screen print shop in Olympia, Wa.

Jen now lives in Oakland, Ca where she teaches bookbinding and printing, sails, draws, and bakes rosemary cakes.


Rachel Lyra Hospodar:

Rachel has been doing strange things with textiles her whole life, weaving spiderwebs between bushes in the backyard when she was a child. She cut her teeth in the theater, building scenery, costumes, and props for everything from plays and musicals to cabaret and the circus. She studied drawing, painting, carpentry, welding, drafting, structural design, and scenery design without being able to pick one or settle down. Rachel has worked as a mixed media collage artist since getting involved with Manchester Craftsman’s guild in the nineties. MCG also brought her west for the first time, and was where she began studying photography. Her work has shown in boutiques, cafes, bars, beauty salons, and other nontraditional venues across San Francisco, as well as being a member of City Art cooperative gallery on Valencia St. and showing at Fabric8 urban art gallery nearby. Her current work includes laser etchings of her photographs of the Bay Area as well as extensive use of collage and acrylics. Recently she has begun layering on lasercut fabric shapes and sewing across the canvas.Hospodar’s lifelong twin passions for the arts and the sciences continue to inform each other in her work, and she seems to have a knack for merging organic and data-driven worlds. This is true thematically as well as in production techniques and as an approach to execution. It is most starkly evident in her latest project, the Pants Interface. This project embeds electronics into garments to create a whole host of surprising possibilities across disciplines.
To explore all of Rachel’s myriad projects, start at http://mediumreality.com
Contact her for commission work and collaboration inquiries: web@mediumreality.com

Scarlet & Madrone:

hand crafted and one of kind. much like the designer.


Cannibalize Jewelry:

     Cannibalize Jewelry was started by Leanne Alaman, a bay area native with a penchant for finding cool little doodads. Her jewelry is an attempt to find uses for said doodads as well as for interesting little items that might be headed for the landfill. She hopes that her jewelry will at least inspire others to look at their “junk” differently, and at most start a revolution of people making their own jewelry that starts putting sweatshops out of business. You can find more of her work at www.cannibalizejewelry.etsy.com.

Leanne teaches and has taught classes at Coyote Counter Collective and Rock Paper Scissors Collective. For tips on making your own cannibalized jewelry join her email list by emailing JOIN to cannibalizejewelry@gmail.com.  

Monkey and Rabbit:

    Hi there! Welcome to Monkey and Rabbit productions. My name is Lisa and I live in beautiful Oakland California. When I enter my studio the first thing I do is grab a ball of clay and start to pinch in a pinch pot fashion. Its just me and the clay and nothing in between. My pinching begins to find a shape and its usually birdlike and then I pick up some tools and I make a mouth happen and then some eyes and by then the piece has come alive and is smiling back at me or scolding me for some untold infraction. Sometimes I go into the studio with a list but sometimes I don’t and the shape the clay takes dictates what’s to be.



Ank Ceramics:

Dida Jewelry:

      dida, bay area artist and crafter, enjoys playing with color, gravity, and organic shapes.  her jewelry, drawings, lighting, and mixed media installations are a meditation on the intersections and harmonies that envelope us.  beautiful, small, simple, complete ideas.  dida is always interested in collaborating with fellow weavers and dreamers to create new possibilities.


Ghetto Goldilocks:

    GhEttO GoLdiLocKs will adopt tired and unloved clothes.  Special care is applied to breath new life breath.. Allowing the once loved to be loved aNew..


GhEttO GoLdiLocKs uses exclusively recycled, re-used, rescued, and reclaimed materials to create unique and one of a kind hand made pieces of wearable aRt.

GhEttO GoLdiLocKs graciously accepts clothing donations of all kinds.



Gneiss Wood:

   Wandering the beach before a surf, or during a time on the coastline of beautiful California, I came across treasure after treasure..

My collections began to turn into chests overflowing my booty..

I decided to share..

On each piece I etch a thought, a whim, a image to ponder..
Share a sentiment or emotion with the loving world ..

gifts and donations - became requests for the future

Pickup a piece of the California coast - and bring it home to your mantle, wall space or altar.. Give a gift of thought..



Zee Bearded Lady:

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoy my stamped and linocut all-occasion cards.
If you’re not on Etsy — the dangerously addictive online marketplace that has pretty much every handmade item imaginable — get on it. Then stop by Oakland-based Etsy shop Zee Bearded Lady for colorful $3 greeting cards adorned with Oakland-inspired linoleum block prints. The handmade cards include images of various Oakland landmarks and artifacts, from the Tribune Tower to the magic key to Children’s Fairyland. You can also find them for sale at the [Coyote Counter Collective 423 40th St. Oakland,] where they’re sold individually. Quick tip: Slap those suckers in a frame for instant wall art.



Jon Fischer:

From Cellspace, an Inner Mission arts collective, Jon documents the changing landscape of the city through print screening (when not teaching undergraduate engineering), an alternative image of San Francisco as a global commerce center and picturesque sightseeing destination.