Coyote Counter Collective now closed

thank you for your patronage and friendship!

we will always love you, Oakland!
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Coyote Counter Collective features indie design Oakland style: a tasty range of independently made clothes, accessories, art, and on special, a made-to-order garment customization service. _______________________

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Coyote Counter Collective Design & (Re)Construction Shop


Our cozy pop-up gallery space in West Oakland doubles as an art studio.  We are excited to continue
forging new shared models that artists can use for reaching their audience, getting market feedback, and making sales.  Through Coyote, members are able to access a retail laboratory where our studio practice is itself a marketing hook for curious consumers. Displaying freshly made works to a retail audience gives artists feedback they need about the choices they are making, and the boutique setting provides a professional venue to schedule appointments with clients, meetings with co-workers, trunk sales, or reception events.


Coyote Counter specializes in providing accessibly priced (re)manufacturing services, turning your garments and accessories into wearable art.  Add personality and utilitarian style to your wardrobe with our innovative Custom (re)Construction Services Menu. Our innovative a-la-carte system is designed to bring creative garment services to the masses, letting you create, construct and/or embellishment your well-loved clothing and leathergoods. Each item is (re)designed and hand-crafted with close attention to detail.  We work hard to be sustainable as hell - promoting reuse is a first step but we also use primarily bio-degradable cleaners, water based inks and dyes, and implement sustainable practices wherever possible.


We are building teaming up with AX Gallery to showcase what is possible through community and reuse.  There are lots of ways that you can engage with us, depending
on what your needs are. 

 Work-trades, short term memberships, and
other arrangements are possible, please enquire.


Coyote Counter Collective is a collaborative retail storefront, serving as a shared promotional platform for a group of independent artists.  The store features reclaimed and recycled fashions, and visitors can see the artists in action in the attached studio space.  The cooperative works on a volunteer basis with artists making the store itself as they go.  Decisions are made among the membership by consensus.

This space exists as a shared retail and studio resource for artists, designers, sustainability nerds, hyperlocal activists, geniuses, and revolutionary weirdos.  We are excited to build networks of support among local artists, and to spread the benefits of cooperative organizing.  We also unite around sharing what we know and demonstrating our techniques to the public.